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If you haven't heard your new soundtrack of the summer and beyond from Joe Sambo, something tells us that you won't be far behind in hearing one the best rock/reggae albums to come out of 2018! Joe met with EAC about taking a vision of his art, music, and having all of that in one place. After spending some time with Joe, we really got to drilling down a vision and was able to utilize his theme art from his album to really pull together his entire brand, and self.


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I hate technology! When it came to designing my website, I had some ideas, but no idea how to turn them into something, let alone a website that'll work for me. The best part wasn't just being able to express my needs through a vision, but having that vision LISTENED to and expanding on it to what is now, proudly my website where new and old fans can discover who I am, where I'll be and just have easy access. If it wasn't for EAC, I'm not sure what this would've turned into; I'm glad it turned into what it did.


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