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Presto Craft Kitchen is classic Italian, built around original family recipes brought to the people of Southern New Hampshire in a modern, craft kitchen feel. Chef Joe Grella came to us with ideas, and we brought them to life starting with branding through logo creation, as well as opener flyers, & menus to a state of the art full-fledge website that is used to give any information from hours, to menu, to online ordering.




'family fresh - made in the queen city'

the allure and appeal of Chef Grella's italian cooking comes from the fact that he doesn't cut corners on ingredients, and we made sure the website followed suit. we created a design that's simple, serious about food, but not too serious to make potential consumers feel as we're too good for them. Presto Craft Kitchen is for everyone, and their dedication to community is apparent through their actions. Their website is a blend of rustic meets your local family spot.

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Let me tell you what matters: since connecting with Ethos & Able Creative, Dante has taken our ideas to the next level, assuring our vision be carried out as we see it, but educating, guiding, and brain-storming every single step of the way to ensure we are still capturing our audience, staying consistent, contemporary, and competitive while helping us start at a level of professionalism that truly captures us, our family roots and reason for starting this business as well as our hopes for growth and the ability to reach more with our brand, our food, and our vision. Day in and out work is being produced hours, sometimes minutes after requested. A message thread at 3:00am is not uncommon with EA Creative as when they are working for you, they truly are working FOR you. Doing more than any employee, student, or intern would or could offer up where the experience that created this firm and passion that drives it is well lit, well stocked, and ready to be a long lasting flame in helping you, how you want to and need to be helped with your business. There has been no pressure, no direction changes based on ease, or cutting corners. The work is pure, the connection with team has been so natural it’s almost as if our ideas are theirs, they don’t want control they want you to succeed, no gimmicks, no fine print, just good hard work, fueled by passion and fulfilled with the satisfaction and pride of the client not the firm. It was an easy decision for us to work with, and solely work with EA Creative in this project and those in the future, we hope you take the time to connect with them and do the same as we can promise you will not be sorry once you do!



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